Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Babble



We got the BIG BLACK FRIDGE today.  Here it sits in my kitchen.  I’m thinking of naming him Robot, like from Lost in Space.  Remember him?  I was in love with Billy Mummy, who played Will Robinson.  I think I was maybe four years younger than he was.  Yes, I was only five or six years old and in love.  LOL.  Dang, I started early.  Anywho…

The countertops are the next big thing we need to do.  I loathe those white counters.  They will have to wait a while longer though because that’s going to be some big bucks I’m not willing to let go of just yet.  They are proud of those granite countertops, aren’t they?  And we have miles of countertops to replace.  There’s a whole other section of counter space across from what you can see in the picture that has one level where the sinks are and then a higher level of bar space above that.  I did my last kitchen in Silestone (man-made), which I loved, so I may go that route again.  It’s not that much cheaper, if at all.  We have seen some cheaper options, but they just aren’t what we want.

I have only crocheted about 30 minutes worth on my crochet project so it will not be finished anytime soon.  Several of you already guessed that it is a shawl.  I discovered that I was not doing it correctly according to the pattern.  Instead of frogging it, I’m just going to continue doing it wrong since it looks just as good.  Maybe I should write down what I did and sell my own pattern.  I bought this one off of Ravelry and my brain just wouldn’t not comprehend what I was reading.  I just did it my own way and kept going.  I believe it’s called DENIAL.  Hee-hee.

Time for some crappy TV and magazine time.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hi Ya



Look at this luscious nectarine.  It’s my favorite summer fruit.  So juicy and ripe and sweet.  YUM.


These are some pillowcases I ordered and got in the mail yesterday.  I think they’ll be so pretty with some bright crochet edging.  The seller sent me a couple of bobbles in her package from Rhode Island…


When I first saw them taped to a piece of paper inside the package, I thought the green thing was a Gummi Bear.  I thought, “How weird that someone would send a Gummi Bear in the mail and expect me to eat it!”  But when I got a hold of it and pulled it off the paper, I realized it wasn’t a Gummi Bear at all.  It’s a piece of sea glass.  It’s such a pretty color of green.  I thought it was a nice touch for her to send me these.  I put them in a little shadow box we have hanging by the back door with tiny things in it.


Speaking of green

Want a peek at my new crochet project?

I just started it tonight…


I’m using my favorite Snowflake yarn from Hobby Lobby in Limelight.  I’m loving the color.  You’ll have to wait to see what it is.  I should get it done over the weekend.


I’m looking forward to the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race at the Indianapolis Speedway on Sunday.  It’s one of the more prestigious races.  I’ll have to think up some good race food to make for us.

That’s all going on here.  Y’all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Eggs

Who Loves Ya?
Pammy Sue,
That's Who.

We're off to buy a new refrigerator.
How exciting!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cringe, Rip, Rip, Rip…


I’m frogging this sweater.  It’s obviously going to be too big, and I won’t have enough yarn without ordering more.  I also don’t like the way the two sides don’t match.  Another pattern would work better with this yarn.  I’m hoping I can save it and use it again.  This is the KnitPicks Chroma yarn (not cheap, but not too terribly expensive either).  I love this yarn.

On to today’s project:



Fingerless gloves in the Granny Stitch.

They are a little bit loose.  I think using a smaller hook and concentrating on making my stitches tighter will make them fit perfectly.  I have a couple more tweaks and I’m also going to try to find a little bit darker green yarn in my stash for the trim.  I’m on a mission to make them perfect.  Free pattern link:  Crochet Openwork Handwarmers

Free Dog Pictures:

DSCF4038 Fletcher

It’s Hot.”

Paw Divider Bar



I will not look at you.”

Paw Divider Bar



Who dat?”

Paw Divider Bar 

Yep, I’m bored.

Time to go play in the yarn box…

Or have lunch and a nap.

Ta-ta, lovelies.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sun Tea & Popsicles


I almost always make Sun Tea when it’s warm enough outside.  Yesterday I found a recipe online that used 2 Family Size Lipton tea bags and 1 small tea bag of this Bigelow Constant Comment tea.  I happened to have some because I like it, so I tried it yesterday and liked it a lot.  There’s just barely a hint of the orange and spice.

How about some cold and healthy (sort of) popsicles?

Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles

1 small box Strawberry Jello mix
1 - cup water
1/2 - cup sugar
3 - cups plain yogurt
Pureed Strawberries, optional
Small Paper Cups & Popsicle Sticks

In a medium sized pot heat bring water to a boil. Stir in the flavored gelatin. Stir until dissolved then add sugar. Keep stirring until all the gelatin and sugar is dissolved. This may take about 3-5 minutes. Add yogurt a cup at a time and using a wire whisk mix until smooth adding the additional 2 cups of plain yogurt. If using pureed fruit add it now and mix well. Pour into Popsicle mold or cups and freeze for a minimum of 6 hours or overnight.
I put all the little cups in a 9x13 inch glass plan so it was easier to place in the freezer. You can add foil over the whole dish then poke holes to add the sticks into the cups. Or it is easier to get the sticks to stand up if you let the yogurt pops freeze for about 30 minutes. Continue to freeze for 6 hours or overnight.
You can experiment with different flavors of Jello and fresh pureed fruit.



I’m crocheting a baby sweater that I started yesterday.  I think it’s going to be gigantic and fit a 10-year-old instead.  That’s okay though.  I’ll just stick it in the shop.

There’s not a thing happening in these parts.  I’m hoping for a work-free day.  I’d like to get out to Hobby Lobby and see if I can find some new hanging baskets for my back porch.  Mine have about had it after two years of looking pretty.  Now they just look ratty.  Must be why they attracted the doves to nest there.  I kind of expected them to come back and nest again, but they haven’t yet.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crochet-Trimmed Pillowcase


Here’s my latest pillowcase trimmed with baby yarn this time.



I tried using two colors, and I like the way it looks with this pillowcase.


I’m so happy to have some of these of my very own.  I’ve wanted to make them for the longest.



Go ahead…take the plunge and just make one of your own.  It’s not hard.  Just a little measuring, marking, stitching, and then the fun crochet to top it all off.  It’s a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Susan had a question:  Where did you get a needle big enough to handle yarn...yet sharp enough to pierce through cloth???  I get my needles at Hobby Lobby in the crochet section by the crochet hooks.  There are usually two or three sizes to a package.  The trick is you don’t go through two layers of fabric.  You put your needle below the sewn edge.  It is harder to get your needle through the side seam where you have two or more layers of fabric, but it’s doable.  It’s the same needles I use for weaving in my ends of yarn when I crochet, and I have no problem at all getting the yarn through the eye.  You can see the size I use in one of the pictures from my first pillowcase post.

Teresa & Kris:  Where did you go in Louisiana?  We went to Shreveport/Bossier City to the casinos.  We stayed at the El Dorado Hotel/Casino this time.

Crochet Freak Divider Bar


Corn Relish & Chicken Salad

(Recipe in previous post)

We had the Corn Relish Salads Friday night for dinner.  They were so good!  I took my own advice and bought a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store.  I also added chopped green onion and a couple of chopped Roma tomatoes.

I’m waiting for my cousin to get back to me with my Aunt’s recipe for Fried Okra Salad.  She has brought it to our family picnic a couple of times, and it’s really good too.  Don’t be afraid of the OKRA, you big babies!  Put on your big girl panties and sit up to the table and EAT IT!  I’ll send you to bed without supper, dammit!

Oh, ha-ha…

uh, er…

I mean, uh, stay tuned for the recipe.  So sorry.  I lost my train of thought for a second there.  The heat is making me irritable.  Yeah, that’s it…it’s the heat.

ANYWHO…Cousin Sharon?  Did you get my email?  Don’t make me come over there!  ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Recipe


Click it for a larger view, then print.


I got this Corn Relish recipe at least eight years ago from a blogger I used to read.  The top part of the recipe is the actual relish.  The bottom part is a salad recipe that uses the corn relish in it.  After making your corn relish the day before, just layer the bottom ingredients on a big plate, mix, and eat.  It’s really good.  Buy a roasted chicken at the grocery store to use in the salad, and it’s really quick.

One note:  I followed the recipe to the letter the first time I made it, but I thought it was WAY too sour and vingegary (and I like sour).  Ever since then, I always use HALF the vinegar called for.  Leave all the other measurements the same, and I think it’s perfect.  I also use a 4-oz jar of pimentos instead of the roasted peppers just for convenience.  You do need to make the relish the day before and stir or shake the container every now and then so that all of it gets marinated.

I had this last night with my chicken pot pie and it was delish.  It’s also good on a bowl of hot pinto beans or whatever kind of beans you like.  I’m sure it’s good on a lot of other things, but those are the things I usually use it for.


Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie

with Corn Relish



What else?  That’s a big fat nothing.  I didn’t do anything yesterday except work and nap and read magazines.  I’m not ready to pick up my hook just yet.  I’m sure that won’t last long.

How about all of you post a nice, cool, summer recipe for everybody?  Most of us could use it right about now.  I think 99 percent of us are about to burst into flames from the heat.

Stay cool this summer!

~ Stay Cool ~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tah-Dah! She’s Back.

It’s good to be home.  We just made a quick run over to Looziana again.  It was no place as exotic as the picture I left, but it was great fun nonetheless.

Okay, right to it…


I cheated and made this pillowcase edging before we left.  I’m glad I saved it because my brain is still in vacation mode mush.  I gots nothin’!

So without further ado…


First, I bought some pillowcases on etsy made from some fun fabric because I don’t sew.  I hate it, in fact.  I didn’t have any DK or sport weight so I used #3 thread I had.  I will use a heavier yarn next time.



The two pictures above are the blanket stitch, which is how you start after you do your measuring and marking. (More on that in the tutorial link below)


Demonstration of the blanket stitch.  It took me a few tries to get this right.  I told you I’m not a sewer.  You have to hold the thread in place with you fingers to make it look right…and keep holding it while you pull the needle all the way through.  Your first stitch will look wonky until you get all the way around back to it when you’re finished.  Things will start looking like my pictures after the second stitch.


The tutorial says to use a piece of yarn 15 times the width of the pillowcase, but that is just insane!  Take my advice and use a manageable length, cut it when you run out, thread your needle with new yarn, tie it on where you left off (leaving small tails but enough to crochet over when you do the next round…see above).  This worked great for me and you cannot see where you joined when you’re finished.

DSCF3966 The next round is a round of sc placing 3 sc between each blanket stitch and around the previous round of thread.

DSCF3968Then your last round which is crocheting the shells. 



You’re Done.

This was a lot of fun to do for me.  I can’t wait to make another one in yarn this time.

I used the tutorials here:

On The Edge Tutorials

They are all listed in her right sidebar.  If you don’t want to make your own pillowcases, buy them all ready made and skip to the third tutorial.

Here’s the print on my next pillowcase:


Pretty cute, eh?

I got a matching pair.

These will most likely go in my shop.

I could not find any vintage-looking flowery ones like I wanted so I just got these colorful ones instead.  I’m sure I’ll be doing lots more so I’ll keep an eye out for the vintage ones.

I hope you enjoyed my pillowcase post.

I’m so happy to be home.  We had a blast and it’s nice to get away, but it’s also very nice to get back to my comfy home.

Until tomorrow…



Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cuckoo Clock / Celebrity Fun


I bought this cheap-o cuckoo clock from a mail order catalogue recently.  It’s cheap, but I still love it.  I have always wanted one.  You should see the bird.  He is super-cheap looking.  He makes me laugh.  His “coo-coo” even sounds cheap!  It’s a digital recording that has the sounds of other birds in the background.  Very weird.  Let me go take a quick picture of him so you can see him.

Here he is:


 Cheap-Cheap!  Ha-ha.

Get it?


His mouth opens and his wings flap when he coo-coos.  I need to paint his little beak.  I see some of the red has chipped off already.  I hope my cheap little bird made you laugh.  I wish I had the time to get a little video of him doing his thang so you could hear him.  It’s so dumb.

funny people divider Celebrity News

*U.S. Weekly is reporting that Brangelina will tie the knot within the next few months.  Whatever.

*David Beckham and wife Victoria welcomed a baby girl to their brood last Sunday.  Her name:  Harper Seven Beckham.  (I had just told y’all that my grandbaby, who will be born in November, will be named Harper.  Must be the new “it” name.)  The “Seven” came about because she was born in the Seventh Month, Seventh Day, and Seventh Day of the week.  Alrightee then.  I should have been named Pamela Eleven Two Three.  I like Pamela Sue better, don’t you?

*Suri Cruise still uses a pacifier.  The horror!


funny people divider Q&A

What kind of ice cream maker do you use?  Cuisinart 1-1/2 quart.  I like it but it’s a little small if I want to make ice cream when company comes.

Ice Cream Recipe I used:  12 oz. Cool Whip, 2 cups milk, 1 can (14-oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk, pinch of salt, 1/3 cup sugar.  It is good, but it was a little too sweet.  (The original recipe called for 1 cup of sugar…I can’t imagine making it that sweet.)  I think I like ice cream made with eggs better anyway.  I will use another recipe using a traditional custard next time.

Did you give your creepy lady a name?  Yes, I named her Creepy Lady.  My dogs still notice her every now and then and get freaked out and bark at her.  Sammi runs and hides and then barks.  She’s no dummy.

Is the pattern for your cowl available?  No, I didn’t use a pattern.  I winged it.  There are several free ones on Ravelry though.

That’s it for today…

See ya.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Creamy Wool Cowl




Obviously I had some lighting issues, but it’s not bad for something I winged, eh?  I made this with two strands of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool and a size N hook.

And earlier this evening I made this:



Home-made vanilla ice cream.  It’s in the freezer firming up a little, but we did “clean up” the bowl a little with two spoons right after I made it.


Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Granny Scarf/Wrap/Shawl/Cowl









I got bored with the whole turning this scarf into an afghan idea.  Here it is back to the originally intended garment.  I trimmed it with a row of the ILTY and made the last row from boucle’.  I love the way it looks, and I’m glad I didn’t just make a blanket.  I have made enough squares to make one more of these.


I started feeling a little bit rotten (as opposed to a whole lot rotten) this afternoon, and my throat has gradually gotten more sore as the day has worn on.  Ugh…  I’m supposed to leave for a mini-vaca the first part of next week.  If I’m going to get sick, I hope it goes away quickly.  Time to self-medicate and ramp up the Vitamin C.