Monday, September 30, 2013

A Very Scattered Entry

Kinda like my mind...

No point really, just a picture. Very Octobery.
Would have been better on something other than white.

I cut some of the basil that I grew from seed!
It's so pretty and smells so fresh and yummy.

I chopped some up for our spaghetti yesterday.
Oh good!
What a difference it makes.

The Angel Garden Doily still not finished, but closer.
Not a good pic for you to see the angels, but you'll see them when I'm finished.

Hubby bought me this thread holder a couple of weeks ago.
I forgot to show it to you. It works great.
He found it at Macy's in the kitchen stuff with a ball of twine on it.

The Noro scarf...also unfinished.
Eli the photo-bomber.

A couple of people asked about this Noro Scarf pattern.
It's on Ravelry HERE. It's a freebie!

I put a couple of new rounds on my Big Yellow Blanket.
I may rename it my "Big Yellow Taxi Blanket."
I think of that every time I see it.


Foreshadowing:  I'm on a Rocky Mountain High!

Pammy Sue

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Scotty's Place Backyard

Sorry I didn't turn my camera sideways so it's a narrow view. It's a beautiful 78 degrees as I film this.

See y'all later...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Don't Know

We're getting some rain today again...

My basil is still growing away.
Can I cut some off the top and use it?
Will it continue growing if I do that?

Poor Fletch has had allergies the past few days. His eyes are all squinty and runny. Eli is checking him out. We've been giving Fletch a half of a Benadryl each day, which he gets anyway because of his grass allergies and the rash he gets from that on his tummy. It doesn't really seem to do anything.

We haven't seen these little guys in a while!
They make me smile.

Some Bling


I obviously have nothing to blog about. I haven't been crocheting at all since my last post, except I did do a few rounds on that Angel Garden Doily the day I found an explanation for that one round on the graph. I just haven't been in the mood, plus I've had more work than usual so I've been busy with that. It kind of zaps my want to crochet or do anything except stare at the wall.

Oh, and today I made some of Teresa's Husband's Sweet & Sour Meatballs. Oh YUM!

It's a lazy Saturday here. I haven't gotten out of my chair except to make these, and I don't see much changing today.

Hope you're cozy and safe too!
~ Love ~

Monday, September 23, 2013


My Noro scarf is coming along. It seems like the twisting of the yarn is not as bad now, or maybe I'm just getting used to it now. Anyway, I will finish this one. I had this skein I needed to use and this pattern takes only one skein. I love the pattern. It looks great when finished and it's all wound up fancily around your neck.  

I started this doily a few days ago and got stuck and couldn't figure out the next round. There's only a graph, and it's a Japanese pattern on top of that. I thought for sure I could figure it out, but I failed miserably and gave up. I really want to make this doily so if anybody knows what the how to do the next rounds, I'd appreciate the help. But I know it takes forever to write it out, so I won't be counting on a reply about it. I did ask a couple of people on Ravelry who made it, but I've gotten no response. Most people who took the time to add comments on their Ravelry page said they had trouble, but nobody took the time to say what they ended up doing. Thankyouverymuchbitches. The one lady who did translate it in her comments on Ravelry did so in German. I tried to plug her translation into Google Translate, but the translation didn't make any sense to me either. You know how some languages don't translate crochet terminology well at all. Here's the free pattern link on Ravelry:  Angel's Garden Doily

I thought this doily would be really pretty with the angels in white and the rest of the doily in purples or blues. That was my plan. Everyone else that made it on Ravelry did it in a solid color. Blah, blah, blah. Could I ramble on anymore about this stupid doily?

Edited to add:  After all that, I think I found a forum post that tells how to do it. I'll see if it works and let you know.


There's been some serious discussions going on around here about retirement and a possible move. Very exciting stuff! And life-changing! And scary! But mostly exciting! Sorry to be a tease, but I don't want to blab it all to the world until plans are more solid. It's nothing that's going to happen quickly anyway. We're just in the talking and researching stage at this point, but it's more serious and gone farther than it ever has before. I'm pretty sure it's a GO, but now it's just a question of when. We're outta here, people!

Okay, back to reality. I have to go work to pay for my dreams. Bye-bye.

Pammy Sue

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It Gets Old

...being a klutz.
...constantly making BIG messes.

And having to clean up after my messy self!
Why?  Why?

I don't get why I can't go a few days without making a colossal mess! You wouldn't believe how many dishes I break either. My dad always called me "unconscious" when I was growing up because I was always hurting myself, running into walls, falling down, dropping things, breaking things, spilling things, and having to make trips to the E.R. Nothing has changed.

I swear it must be a brain defect or disease or something. It's just not possible that one person can be so klutzy. 

I started a Noro scarf yesterday, but the yarn is so twisty it's really pissing me off rather than relaxing me. I'm going to keep pushing through, at least for a while. I hope it gets better. You Noro users know what I'm talking about. It's always that way. Do you think it would help to wind it into a ball?

I've had the funky tummy the last four days. I was going to cook some jalapeno sausage and some green beans with bacon and new potatoes today for the race, but I don't think my tummy can take it. I need to eat lightly and blandly for a few days and see if that cures me. Funky tummy = gurgly, rumbly, crampy, acidic, bleh = Too Much Information.

I'm gonna go find the Pepto and probiotics. Y'all have a good Sunday.

P.S.  I just had to jump back online a minute and add this.  Why is Mike Tyson all over the TV lately? He's got a book or a movie or something coming out.  But isn't he a convicted rapist?  Wasn't he accused by multiple women and convicted for at least one?  Didn't he spend time in jail for it?  Isn't he just an all-around thug?  Why is the mainstream media interviewing him and kissing his ass all over the place?  I'm just sayin'.  And don't even get me started about Michael Vick.  Why is he allowed to walk around America a free man?  Why is he allowed to play football and make millions of dollars again?  What a waste of space! Hmpf!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Doily, Dough, Dogs, Dusk

Pattern Graph Only:  Carolina Rose by Lucille LaFlamme, Decorative Crochet Magazine
Thread:  Aunt Lydia's #10 Yellow
Hook:  1.50 mm
Size:  18.5 inches in diameter

I made these fantastic rolls yesterday using Dayle's Honey Wheat Rolls recipe. This is my new favorite bread recipe! I can feel my ass grow while I eat them, but they are so good. Ha.

The Bostons, Fletch & Janie
Did you two pahk the cah?

That was a little American dialect joke. You folks from other countries may not get it. And maybe it's not even funny wherever you're from, but it made me giggle.  

I snapped this picture two days ago at about 7:45 pm. (I was stopped in the turn lane.) The sunset was so pretty! This doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea. These are the times when I need a fancy-ass camera to really capture the moment. Sigh.

I have my next doily pattern narrowed down to two. I'm gonna study on it a while and see which one strikes my fancy today.

We're getting rain, glorious rain!
Thank you Gulf of Mexico for the tropical goodness you've sent our way!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Halloween Doily


I made this little doily last night using THIS FREE PATTERN. I used some #3 black thread that I had left in my stash, but I didn't have enough to completely finish it so I used some orange Catania yarn that's more like #5 thread, but it worked okay. I left off the last round of the pattern because I didn't like the way it looked in this yarn. I wanted something Halloweenie, and this pattern worked out great.

I love these banana pops!

Hubby was off today so we had a little lunch date at Taco Cabana.
That's a frozen margarita and frozen sangria swirl.

Have y'all seen this pillow advertised on TV?
I've been wanting one and found it at Target today.
Yipee! No more waking up with sweaty head at night!
Do you grin when you sleep?
I don't.
Those people on that box are creepy!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Distracted Much?

No work...
No doily...

Just little punkins.

I'm well aware that I have the attention span of a gnat! No, I didn't finish the doily. No, I didn't finish my work. I was slightly distracted by these cuter than cute crocheted pumpkins. I know myself, and if I didn't grab some yarn and my hook immediately, I'd never make them, although I'd intend to. So I did.

It's all Dawn's fault! She's always making impossibly cute things. Thanks for the inspiration, Dawn!

And thanks for the free pattern goes to June of Planet June crochet blog. Follow that link to see the pattern and make your own. I like 'em plain, but you can put eyes and other embellishments on them if you wish.

Speaking of that doily...that picture was tinted green because I took that picture under the light of my banker's lamp which has a green glass shade. It really is just plain old yellow!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rain Delay Doily

I dug out another doily pattern and some yellow yarn this morning in anticipation of crocheting during the race and getting the sour taste out of my mouth from the big screw-up on the previous one. Due to an extended rain delay in the race, I may completely finish this doily in one day. The race is supposed to continue at 9 pm Central and it's not even at the half-way point yet. Even though I didn't intend on crocheting all day and evening, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. The Captain even made supper tonight (Steak & Eggs) so I wouldn't have to. 

I'm anxious to see how this one looks all blocked out. When I do get it finished and blocked, you'll be the first to know. I must get some work done tomorrow so I may not post it until Tuesday.

I wish all that rain in Colorado would move down here. I know they could use some relief there, and we need it badly here. We are getting relief from the triple-digit temps at least. Low 90s here the last couple of days. Yipee.

See ya.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bath Time!


It takes work to be as beautiful as me.

Are we done yet?

I want a blow-out!
Where's the dryer?

Gah! That's cold!

Blind girls get dirty too.

Put the damn camera down and get me a towel.


That kinda feels good!

Ollie-Wally is squeaky-clean!

You're drowning me!
Sammi always thinks we're going to kill her.


You owe me three cookies for that.

We have a house full of clean dogs. Believe it or not, they were all happy about getting their turns. Fletch was first, but I didn't have my camera out yet. That's why you see no pictures of him, but he's clean too.)

Friday, September 13, 2013

My Name Is Pam And...

...I'm a Dumb-ass!

I got through row 24 on that doily and discovered a critical error on row FIVE!!!  I couldn't bear to rip it out so The Captain did it for me. Now I'm feeling all pissy and don't want to make it. No wonder it was buckling so bad in the middle. I thought it just needed a good blocking. LOL. No block would fix that mistake. I only had thirteen shell thingies going around and it was supposed to have 21. DUH. You'd think I'd have noticed that sooner!

I'm gonna eat some chocolate and think about what I'm going to do won't be that doily. I need to walk away from it.

I think I'll look for a Lover's Knot Shawl to make.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Learned Something

I've been working on a new doily that incorporates the Lover's Knot (or Solomon's Knot) crochet stitch. I've shied away from patterns that included this stitch because I just thought it was too much effort to learn a new stitch. What a dummy and scaredy-cat! The pattern included a couple of pictures and explained the stitch, but I learned it on YouTube HERE. It's just a short, 2-minute video that explains it well. I only had to see it once and I had it down. It did take some practice to get the stitches the same size.

This is a beautiful doily. I can't wait for y'all to see it. I saw it somewhere online and searched for the book with the pattern and got lucky. I found it at a great little Website called Treasured Heirlooms Crochet. I've purchased at least three different times from this site and been extremely pleased each time. You get very fast shipping (Priority Mail) and Michelle Crean, the owner, is as nice and responsive as she could possibly be. I've found vintage pattern books there I couldn't find anywhere else. Bookmark her and check it out when you have time or are looking for a pattern book.  (No, I'm not receiving any compensation for giving her a link...she just deserves it!)

Anywho, I'm all proud of myself for learning the Lover's Knot and now I can't wait to make a shawl using it too. Stay tuned.

I"m a huge dork for having this NASCAR cookbook.
Hee-hee! Whatever.

I'm about to make two pans of Baked Ziti using a recipe in here. Pictures and recipe to come. I think I may have posted it here before because I've made it many times.


Gotta go. Bye.