Friday, July 31, 2015

Hysterically Funny & A Cryin' Shame

These pictures of sweet little Fletcher made me hysterical with laughter.
He loves a swing so we got him this baby door jumper.

It makes him so relaxed he has trouble staying awake.

Have you EVER?

I made these burritos yesterday for lunch. So freakin' good!

Flour tortillas, refried beans, chopped onions, sliced jalapeno (jarred & pickled), tomato chunks, a little shredded cheddar, and a sprinkle each of chili powder, cumin, and oregano. Broil until hot, roll up, and enjoy. I shook some Frank's Red Hot on mine. I really love that stuff. I put it on everything. I wrapped the leftovers in some waxed paper and put them in the fridge to microwave later.

I've tried a few new teas since we've been here. My beloved coffee just isn't sitting well in my system and is giving me indigestion and lots of acid so I'm going for the tea...

This one I saw on another blog and decided to give it a try.
I ordered it from Amazon. I love both licorice and cinnamon.
It's good, but it could be stronger on both of those flavors.
Maybe I'll try doubling the tea bags. Not worth the $12+ I paid.

I got a sample of the American Breakfast in my last package of Earl Grey.
I really like it a lot. Simple and plain, but good. I haven't tried the Irish yet.

Now listen. I have a little confession to make. By omission, I haven't been completely honest with you. I have deliberately cut something out of some of my pictures outside the house. Everything is not as beautiful as it could be around here. Do you want to see what a cryin' shame looks like?

Oh, Jeez.
Are you ready?
Here goes...

The Washington Department of Transportation lives next door!
GAH! Look at the beautiful view they totally f*cked up!
So sad.

So there you have it.
See ya.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Fence, The Orchard, The Roast, The Mop

We have a glorious fence!

The guy finally came and got the fence up after I was totally rude and pissy with him on the phone the other day. I swear that man! It got his ass here, though, and got us our fence in place. It's not totally finished. He still has to secure the bottom better and fix some spots where the dogs could get out and put another gate it, but for all intents and purposes, it's in!

Let's go have a look-see at the orchard, shall we?

Come on in.

Looking back at the house.

This treehouse playhouse's days are numbered. The previous owners had it there for their grandchildren, I imagine. I didn't ask. All I know is it's coming down. That writing in spraypaint really bothers me. The whole thing does, really. I bet it was lots of fun for those kiddies though.

I guess this is a place where we could have a garden if we wanted. I'll take the winter to contemplate that one.

Inside the orchard, supposedly, are something called prune plums, pears, apples, currants, rhubarb, and Ken is positive there is some asparagus out there behind the fence. (Maybe I'll pickle some next year for Bloody Mary's!  Ha.) 

And I don't know what these berries are, but there are tons of them...maybe huckleberries? They are prevalent around here.

The grape arbor is inside the backyard instead of in the orchard.

These are Concord Grapes.
Can't wait for them to ripen so I can have some.

As you can see, the grass inside the backyard has turned brown. I'm getting out there today and doing a little hand-watering, mostly for fun and relaxation, but the grass badly needs it. I find hand-watering to be so relaxing. I have to lock Fletcher and Eli inside before I do it because those two dogs love playing in the water. They will not leave you alone if you have the water hose on. They must EAT THE WATER! KILL IT!

The Roast Dinner was delicious!
Feast your eyes...

Yes, I made homemade rolls!
How fantastic am I?  :)

Oh my!

And now, a product review!
It's been a long time since I did one.

This is the O-Cedar Spin Mop and Bucket System.
You can see it and purchase it HERE.

We got it at Walmart for $39.98. Totally worth it. It makes mopping fun! Well, as fun as it can be anyway. I think I'm addicted to mopping and the satisfied feeling I get when it's done and it smells good and the floor is nice and clean.

I swept and mopped the dining room floor with it yesterday.
I also re-mopped the kitchen just because it was there and I had the bucket out.
I was surprised at all the DIRT I swept up before I mopped. It's sandy-dirt here.
The dogs (and us) bring it in on our feet and shoes, I suppose.

Anyway, 2 thumbs up for the O-Cedar Spin Mop!
I always call it Sit & Spin. Ha-ha!
I can never remember the name.
"Sweetie, will you get me the Sit & Spin from the basement?"

And finally...

OMG, Crochet!!
I busted out some yarn and a hook and away I went!
It was so much fun. It's been weeks since I crocheted!
More on what I'm making and the pattern tomorrow.
Y'all come back now, ya hear?

See ya!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Taco Night, Rituals for Comfort

I gussied myself up last night and painted my toenails RED.
I really did. Hee!

Off we went for our first ever Taco Night at Kuk's.
This is really not the road to Kuk's. I took this shot when we were on our way back home from Colville the other day. Kuk's is right up the road; walking distance even.
I just did it for dramatic effect. Did it work?

We walked in and sat at the bar as all the other tables were taken. A nice couple moved down the bar so we could sit down. That's our bartender, Chris.

We didn't see a soul we knew, which duh.
We don't know hardly anybody here yet.

The crowd grew and grew as we ate our tacos had had a couple of drinks.
Our nextdoor neighbor, Julie, came in. Yay! We know somebody!

I sat directly in front of this really cool, old refrigerator. This older couple was sitting to our right and had these red drinks in front of them. See mine there at the bottom of the photo? I asked her what they were, and she told me they were called Red Beer...tomato juice and beer. Really? Okay, I'm game! I ordered one and Ken had a beer. It was good!

Then we had our tacos and another drink. We talked some with a younger couple beside us at the bar. They were really nice and more than happy to chat. They were very intrigued when they found out we had just moved to here from Texas. They said pretty much the same thing that everybody does here when we tell them that. "WHY??" Well, unless you've lived on the face of the sun like we have for over 40 years, you wouldn't understand the answer to that.

Keeping with the theme of tomato juice, I got a Bloody Mary. I kept seeing the other bartender lady making these and they looked good. Oh My WOW! The best EVER! See that stalk of pickled asparagus sticking out? We thought that was so strange, but apparently that's the thing they do around here, not celery. (Notice the Seattle Mariners glass?)

For Ken's second drink, he had a beer that tasted like Root Beer.
I had a taste and it was good, but it was a little sweet for my taste.
We had our two drink maximum and left.
The two drink maximum is our own rule, not theirs.
We're too old to be stupid anymore.

Side Note:  My "friend" Susan and her husband didn't show. I was disappointed. That's people for ya. They will always disappoint you. I know that sounds cynical, doesn't it? Well, that's just how I feel. When it happens to you over and over and over again in life, you tend to get that way. But whatever! We had a great time, just the two of us. If I had my choice, and I do, I'd pick his company over anyone else's any time. I win.

So there you have our first ever Taco Tuesday. By the time we were ready to go, the place was packed with people, standing room only. We both said that we really enjoyed it, but it's not something we will be doing every single week. Maybe once or twice a month? We'll see. All in all, it was two thumbs up! We're definitely going back there some other time during the week just to get the scoop on everything from the bartender. This was not the night to do that as they were way too busy.

You know, there's nothing like getting back to your own comforting rituals in life to make you feel more at home. The bit of baking I did the other day with the cookies was wonderful. Today it's a roast dinner. With my first cup of coffee this morning, I got it ready and into the crockpot for dinner tonight. You've seen posts exactly like this a hundred times on my blog, and here we go again...
Sorry for the blur. I told you I was only on my first cup of coffee! I got the roast seasoned really well and then got it nice and brown and seared on both sides then plopped it in my sprayed crock with some dry onion soup mix dumped over top.

Then I browned up my onions and carrots in the same pan and threw those in the crock. 

I peeled some potatoes and chunked them up.
More blur.

In the potatoes went. Then I mixed up some Cream of Celery Soup (I didn't have any Mushroom, dang it!) and poured it over everything. The lid is on and the setting is on high for a couple of hours. Then I'll turn it down to low for the rest of the day.

Mmm...comfort food for dinner!
Maybe I'll get ambitious and make some rolls to go with it.
Oh, yes. I think so.

Eli in the midst of his favorite activity...
Chewing on random things he finds in the yard.

Ken & Ollie.
I took this picture the same day I took my new header picture.

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey!
I love your comments. They make me very happy.
See ya!

Pammy Sue