Thursday, June 15, 2017

What Happened With Janie

If you can't see this video here on my blog, you can see it on YouTube HERE.

Does anybody know why the audio on my videos starts lagging behind the video after about five minutes? Can you help me out and tell me how to correct that?  

A BIG thank you and hugs to everyone for your comments over the last few days. It meant a lot to me. As always, thank you for being here to read and/or watch. 


  1. Pammy Sue I have no idea how you were able to make this video. Because I sat here crying the whole time. I thought of you often this week. We do love our fur babies don't we? But you made the right decision. I can never stand to see our babies suffer either.
    On a happier note, I can't wait to hear about your new diet. I've been doing weight watchers since January and have been losing, but it's so very slow. And I love the new you. Natural is always better in my eyes.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  2. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Pammy Sue, Thank you for the lovely heartfelt video and for letting us know what happened. You are such a sweet lady Pammy and Janie was so very lucky that you and Ken had found her and were able to give her what was more than likely the best five years of her life. Our dogs always give us far more in life than we can ever give them!
    Take care beautiful lady - Sending hugs.
    Wenona xoxo

  3. It's so sad that little Janie is gone now. You and your husband, (and your other dogs) gave her a happy and good life. I have kleenex lint all over my eyes from crying along as you told about Janie's final struggles. It is so hard to let them go when it is time. Do your other dogs still look for her, or do they seem to know what happened? Our Fuzzy searched for our 17 year old cat for quite a while after it died, and he saw it right before we buried it. I guess Fuzzy didn't know what death meant, he was only about a year old at the time. It surprised me that he gave the old cat that much thought because it would try to scratch his face and eyes every time he came near.

    I hope your back problem clears up real soon and you feel better. Take care. I have to go wash the kleenex shreds out of my eyelashes now.

  4. So glad you were able to share your story of janie. I know this was a tough one.
    Can't wait to hear what your latest diet secrets are

  5. Anonymous7:49 PM

    hi pammy sue...a wonderful, loving family and home for janie...and she in turn, a special soul...a waterfall of tears watching and listening...she is at peace and suffers no more...and your ken...thank you for sharing a real man is able to outwardly show his deep are beautiful at 6:30 AM...i am not at 6:30 AM or at 6:30 PM...look forward to learning of your new diet...i hope someone is able to help with the audio with the videos...this one did not lag too far behind...hugs and blessings to all...sally

  6. Thank you for sharing Pammy. Natural is beautiful! You are beautiful.. and I shed tears also. The same thing happened with my cat a few years ago so I could totally relate. Trouble is.. we waited too long and on the way to the vet for her final passing from the earth, she died... and I had her in a cat cage and she was struggling so much and I always regret that we waited so long. The best thing IS to help them to go peacefully sooner than later. You did the right thing. Remember the wonderful and happy memories and hope your back feels better soon. Pamper yourself and Ken for a few days.. he's a good man to love his animal people so much. Hugs.. Marilyn

  7. First of all, I hope you're better now. Nobody needs any more extra pain in our lives. And also, I need to tell you that it was very hard to listen to you talk ( not the volume)about Janie's passing. My little Seth passed away in my arms in my room. We were the only two in the house and it was very hard on me. I'm glad that you were able to post this video as a means to cope. Bless you, Pammy Sue.

  8. Aw Pammy Sue I'm crying my eyes out, bless you both. xxxx

  9. Lots of love Pammy Sue ... Dorothy xox

  10. Whenever a friend feels their fur-child is getting close to the end of their life I tell them "They will let you know." Which Janey let you know.

    It is always hard, but Janey knew you loved her theses 5 years. She thanks you for making the end of her life a wonderful life to live.

    And, one day, when you see her again, just remember that this time she will see you for the first time.

  11. Melany4:35 PM

    It was so good to sit on the porch with you (via video). You did the right thing, Pammy Sue. I believe we are reunited with our pets when we go to Heaven, so I trust in Jesus and try and live a good life. 'Looking forward to the day when there will be no more crying... Tell us about the diet, please! Seven pounds in one week would be perfect for me, but I don't want to give up ice cream(!) ((love))


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